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How You Can Help!

I can't do it alone

Support, Spread The Word, & Donate

"It's dangerous to go alone, take this."

Much to my great distaste, modern politics costs a lot of time, effort and money.

Nearly all of that time and money is spent trying to reach Kaysville voters and encourage new voters to research and get involved. Of course it seems like modern technology has only increased the number of avenues and complexity in spreading information. I would deeply appreciate if you could spread the word about my voice to limit our local government's spending to the "Proper Role of Government", or in other-words, "Zane for sane spending".

Also, if you have the means, I would be very grateful for assistance in offsetting the cost of this campaign to my personal finances. Please make a donation below or contact me for an address to mail a check or money order. You can also contact me and ask for a yard sign, cards to share or just email this page to your friends and neighbors.

Per law, only donations under $50 can be kept anonymous (please indicate so if that is your desire).

Thank you so very much.

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